What can you do with Data Crucible

AI model bias introduced during the machine learning (ML) phase due to incorrect labels for datasets tends to scale exponentially, resulting in low confidence results at best, or fully biased responses at its worse. Data Crucible provides a fully automated AI solution that identifies incorrectly placed labels in datasets and replace them with accurate labels.

  • Better AI models
    Better AI models
  • Reduced ML phase time
    Reduced ML phase time
  • PR damage avoidance
    PR damage avoidance
  • Increase AI model confidence
    Increase AI model confidence
  • Reduced reinforced learning
    Reduced reinforced learning
  • Reduced labor cost
    Reduced labor cost
  • Faster AI model generation
    Faster AI model generation
  • Reduced triage work
    Reduced triage work

Impact Insights

Create a custom engine based on your organization's labeled data to classify data.


AHvos' MIT solution enhances the effectiveness of content/messaging during your politican campaign