A Letter From Our CEO

From the CEO,

Welcome to our humble web-based abode. You may have stumbled upon our site by accident, or you may be here on a hunt for a bold new approach to intelligence in the 21st century. Either way we feel you are in the right place to learn about the newest and most advanced Contextually Relevant Intelligence (CRI) in the world. Our journey started almost 6 years ago in front of a dry-erase board where we outlined what we believed would be a revolutionary way to help people do the things that kept them from doing the things that they wanted to do. While on this journey we have learned and changed many things, but one thing has remained the sameā€¦our desire to help people. From our budding company full of wild-eyed visionaries, to a world where there are seemingly no limits to the number of problems to solve, we believe we should take a people first approach to creating systems that are designed to emulate people and how we solve things.

We at AHvos believe that technology should serve people and not the other way around. Protecting and safeguarding our customer information and data is paramount. Simply stated, we do not retain the data we receive to educate your custom engine(s). Our goal is to put your mind at ease and demonstrate to you that we are honorable and will operate with your welfare and interest in mind.

Kevin L Killens Sr.
CEO, AHvos

private engine
Private AI Engines

Your data, your AI engine. AHvos' AI approach avoids the bias commonly found in AI models trained with open/free web content.

CRI TechnologyTM

AHvos' proprietary Context Responsive Intelligence ("CRI")TM is the next evolution, and revolution, for AI transformers architecture.


AHvos' unique research and industry leading, Identified Response Path ("IRP") logicTM provides the full rationale behind every AI response.

machine educating
ME Engine Educating

AHvos replaces traditional point in time machine learning (ML) training with continual, near real-time machine educating (ME).

energy efficient
Energy Efficient

AHvos AI Technology significantly reduces the energy consumption traditionally required by Enterprise level AI solutions.